Enjoy Little Things💯💯

Kabhi kabhi ye pata nahi chalta ke hum kisi ke layak nahi ya koi humare…Zindagi  kabhi itna dhoka de deti hai ya itne andhere me dal deti hai ki koi humare saath hi nahi rehta ye pata nahi chalta ke zindagi ko gali de ke uska shukriyada kare ke bhale humare saath koi nahi hota but zindagi humare saath rehti hai. Kabhi kabhi insan humse mazak me ya asliyat me lekin itna ignore aur itna akela feel karvate hai ke hume lagta hai ki hum kisi ke layak hi nahi.. Hum kitne hurt ho jate hai jab koi humse mazak me bhi baat na kare ya hume ignore karte hai ke hum akela mehsus karne lagte hai.. Par tum toh uss insan ke life me itni ahemiyat rakhte honge. Pata hai voh insan hamseha kis dar mai ghumta hai? Ke me samne vale ko meri baato ka bura toh nahi lagega na ya tumhe voh hurt na karde ya aap gusse mai akar humse dosti na tod de. Pata hai  aaj kal log bolte hai ke hume kisi par bharosa hi nahi hai lekin logo ko khud par bhi bharosa nahi hai. Insaniyat  khatam kyu ho gai hai pata hai kyunki insan dusro ke saath ki baat dur khud se hi vishvasghat karte hai toh dusro ki toh baat hi kya kar sakte hai, kyunki unke khud ke liye hi itne faithful nahi hai pata hai kyu? voh bolte hai ki mai iss saal ye record crack kardenge lekin unko khud ko bhi pata hai kin unki capacity kya hai phir bhi voh khud ko juthi tasaali dete hai aur phir result nahi aata toh voh hi rona dhona. Pata hai janvar insan se kitne zyada  faithful hote hai. Kyunki voh apne master ke taraf kitna faithful hota hai. Pata hai insan me bhagvan ne insan me  zyada organs kyu  diye hai? K voh unka aache se aur faithfully use kare lekin voh usko apne matlab ke liye use karte hai. Par pata hai bhagvan ne hume dil k saath dimag ya dimag k saath dil. kyunki bhagvan ne  socha tha ke insan sab ko ikhatha rakhe lekin unhone toh khud hi  insano ke bich mai fasla kar diya. Pata hai insan ne har jagah dimag ka hi istamal kiya aur sabke dimag mai alag alag ideas hote hai aur uske karan hi choti badi ladhai ho jati hai. Koi insan chota ya bada nahi hota degrees sabko mil jati hai lekin ek aache insan ke liye koi degree kaam nahi aati. Aur ha jitni bhi badi problems aayegina insan hi kaam aayega, kyuki har cheez paiso se ya degrees se nahi kharide ja sakte aur koi rishte bhi nahi kharide ja sakte. Aur ha pagal insan se rishta rakhna aur pagal insan banna kyunki sahi insan toh matlabi hote hai. Isiliye ek aache insan banna kyunki zindagi mai asli rishte kaam aate hai aur degrees sirf naam ke liye hi hoti hai.Life is very short live it in your way, with your people, happiness and love.

Love Others ♥♥

Never Give Up

Life gives you when you invest something. If you give them time they will give you incredible results. One should not stop until they achieve what they need. You should not stop your talents and yourself for this world. What I personally think that everyone are blessed with some or the other talent…all we have to do is take it out. Build it in such a way that no one else is so capable as much as we are . Never ever stop until you are satisfied with your work. Never ever listen to others…ya one can listen and one should listen to those who think good for you or who knows the final result and still stand beside you. Join the field you like no matterhow less you know. Remember it’snever bad to start from crap. Every day you add a new chapter to your life and your talent but make sure it’s permanent not like the one for which you run but soon lose your interest in just a month. Preferably one has to choose such a field that doesn’t let you sleep all night. You should be completely participating in anything you are doing be it any damn situation. Once you start participating you will obviously like the field / subject. But a more important step is to that start participating even if it’s the most difficult . People will come and say that you should do this pr that…. I will share my own experience: once when I started writing there were people who were telling me that it is not your cup of tea and right now also not everyone is understanding and supporting me and my talent. But ya I know that I am some what good in this so I will give my 100 percent and ya not all…some are also supporting me and are at my side giving me confident that I can do it.


Brothers: The known to unkown’s story


Brothers are just amazing or just antique creatures of the world. No just kidding. No but I ponder upon the same idea and than I realise that I was not completely wrong. So guys I am back with my new blog jo ki aap title dekhkar hi samajh gaye honge. So mene jaha tak sare bhaiyo ko samjha I felt one thing same that they are no 1 fighters with their siblings, parents or friends. Ya, so mujhe yeh pata nhi chalta k voh lok itna gussa janam k saath hi lekar aate hai kya?? Than I remember one line by Nelson Mandela that “If person can learn or teach to hate so why not they can teach to love and after these I enter to another two characteristics of brothers that they are caring bhale voh behen ho, mumma ho, gf ho, ya sirf friend bhi bhale na ho they arealways protective and caring k iss ladke se baat mat karna, ghar se bahar  akele maat nikalna bhale phir voh saga bhai ho ya mooh bola and the second feature about them is they are very short-tempered about their friends, family, sister agar kisine haath b lagaya na means they will start fight, beat eachother but still they are the pure soul because they haveone bad habit that voh kahi pe bhi kuch bhi bol dete hai. Lekin phir mere mann me ek question aata hai k  real brothers toh phir bhi hote hai lekin mooh bole bhaiyo ka kya?? Aate hai life me after 1-2 years or after 15-20 yrs bonding voh hume chod k chale jate hai… Why?? Kyu jana hi hota hai toh aate hi kyu ho lekin any ways voh  mann k saaf hote hai I don’t know k unke maan me kya hai  and we should not judge anyone but one thing is sure. They are the world’s biggest “Kanjus” kyunki ek chocolate k liye bhi bahot ladate hai aur jan puchkar purse ghar chod kar hi aate hai.😂😂 pata hai mera purse hi khali ho jayega.  Anyways ek aur patte ki baat bhai k jitme maske bhi koi nahi maar sakta aur nahi unke tara chocolate dekar koi mana sakta hai.

Kanjusai se yaad aai mere do bhaiya hai ek Shankar bhaiya [Kanjus] aur dusre unke bhaiya hai  Rohan bhaiya [Makhichus] pata hai humare first meet  se lekar  abhi tak har baar bola mujhe 2 layer cake la do lekin abhi tak mera cske bhi nahi aaya aur ab toh me unhe kuch kahu uske pehle voh mujhe bolna start kardenge dekha na kitne kanjus hai.😂😂 Chalo ab mene bahot bol diya lekin ab jitne bhi log yeh blog padhenge unhe unke bhai k bare me ek sabse kharab aadat batani hai not compulsory lekin bhai k muh par toh bol hi sakte ho.


# Nashbri

The relation which is not of blood but of hearts but as powerful as blood is “Friendship”. Friends never ask but give. We don’t say than also they know that we are upset. The most trustworthy and the most pure relation as per my thinking is Friendship, where there is no end in relation. Friends are not connected from minds but it is hearts connection. Never ever make your friend fool because it is not your friend who is becoming fool but it is we who are becoming fool because he/ she have trust on you that you will never make them fool. Ya also friendship does not see gender he/ she it sees love, patience, care, trust etc… I want to tell you the one most best incident in my friendship. I have  two good friends one is Aastha [Ash] who is a taekwondo queen and another one is the Naiya [Keheer] the most comic and the sensitive and the most pure soul I have seen in my life. I always thank God for this two buddies. Me and Aastha were new commerce in class and Naiya was the first one we both liked. Aastha is sharing and caring type girl.  We are very happy together. The most comic scene were when Naiya got scolded by teachers we laugh a lot. Aastha was most sincere infront of teachers. I was first afraid and sincere in school, but for now – a –  days we are considered as mischiveous in class. We all know that friends are the most crazy people. We never ever end in short about friendship.

# Friends

# Friendship Goals

Life is the ‘Best Teacher’

Life – Best TeacherLife is the best gift given to us by God. Noone has right to end it. Life is incomplete without happiness and huddles which comes in our life. If there is noone with us in our difficult times but two persons will never leave us till end of our life that is: 1] God and 2] We our own self. So we dont have any right to keep this two things away from us. In any stage of our life we have everyone for just good wishes but the “Hardwork and Result” would just be with us. Life is full of happiness , sadness, joy, anger, celebration, enjoyment, badtimes, goodtimes etc. But it is we only who have pass from all this things. Life teaches us to laugh , walk, jump, smile etc… In life so many people come and go in time but it is just only me or you at the end. Never ever stop yourself for this world because when you do anything which they say you are good but when you do what you like than you are not good. There are so many people to advice you in your life without knowing the final result but it is you who have to decide what to do and what not. 

No words just feeling

Papa : The Real Hero

Chalo ek kahani sunati hu kuch chan sabdo main ek insaan ki kahani sunati hu
Bachpan me apne baap ke peso se zindagi jeete ho kabhi unse bhi pucho k unko ek-ek pese kamane me kitni mehnat lagti hai.
Chahe phir voh office me hi bhale kaam karte hai apne boss ka sunkar unko b gussa ata hai lekin nahi aapne bacho ka soch kar veh chup ho jate hai. Kabhi esa mat samajhna ki voh khush dikhte hai toh andar ve dukhi nahi hai aapki muskurahat dekh ve apne sare gum bhul jate hai. Mana ki aapko datte hai,marte hai vo isiliye kyunki ve nahi chahte ki unke bache ko duniya vale kuch bole. Bhai ek baat gor karke sunna jab tak uss baap k peso ka khate ho aur unke naam se jane jate ho tab tak hi log aapko yaad rakhte hai. Toh apne baap k peso jo tum khate ho ya pehente ho to uska ghamand mat karna nahi uss baap k samne zuban ladhana kyunki voh ek esa insan hai jo apne sare gum kisiko nahi batata. Aur suno “Yeh Matlab ki duniya me koi tumhe bulayega kya tumhe dekhega bhi nahi.” Kyuki voh tumhare sathi aage chale jayenge aur aap tabbhi apne baap ko khilane k jagah uske peso se khaoge. Yaad rakhna Ma ko duniya me pyaar ki kami nahi hoti lekin baap apni puri zindagi apne aulad k bade hone ki raah dekhta h kyuki ve apne budhape me usne tum he usko khilane k liye unhone apne sare sapne khatam kar diye. (me ma k khilaf nahi lekin apni feelings share kar rahi hu). Kuch shabd sare papa k liye : ” Shukraguzar rahunga us pita ka jisne mujhe iss kabil banaya k abhi uske liye kuch likh sakti hu. Meri ‘Pride’, ‘Proud’ hai mere papa aur vada hai mera aapse aapki aankhe nam nahi hogi nahi kabhi sharam se jhukegi aur hamesha apka sar ‘Proud’ me upar rahega.”